"Compact Sinks for Small Bathrooms"


When choosing a sink for a small vanity, it's important to consider the size and shape of the sink in relation to the vanity. A compact or small sink can help maximize space and ensure that it fits well with the overall design of the vanity.

An undermount sink is also a good choice for small vanities as it allows for more counter space and creates a clean, minimalistic look.

It's important to measure your vanity and sink area to ensure that the sink you choose will fit properly. It's also a good idea to check the compatibility of the sink with your countertop material before making a purchase.

Here are some Zeek's top sink options designed to save space in your bathroom, making it perfect for vanities with limited counter space. Its compact design ensures it fits seamlessly in standard 21" deep vanities or narrow 18" deep vanities.
Rectangular Small Under-mount Sink : Zeek ZP-1611
Oval Small Under-mount Sink : Zeek ZP-1512
    With these two sink options you will be able to maximize your counter space and enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

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