Pros & Cons of a Bathroom Undermount Sink

Pros & Cons of a Bathroom Undermount Sink

WHAT IS AN UNDER-MOUNT SINK ? An undermount sink is a sink that is mounted under the counter. Undermount sinks are a popular choice for bathrooms of all sizes and works with both contemporary and traditional style bathrooms. Here is a guide with some pros and cons of a undermount sink that might help you with finalizing your sink selection.


CLEAN LOOK.  An under-mount sink is installed under the counter so it creates a clean minimalistic look by appearing flush with the counter.  Since your sink is hidden bellow the counter, your faucet and countertop will become the focal point in your bathroom.

MORE COUNTER SPACE.  For under-mount sinks the countertop cutout is smaller then the sinks overall size which gives you a few extra inches of the countertop.

HAS OVERFLOW.  Under-mount sinks come with an overflow hole. If you or your kids accidentally leave your water running and drain closed, the water will divert back into the overflow hole.

EASY TO CLEAN.  When cleaning your countertops you can easily wipe out any water spills or dirt from the counter directly into the sink. 


HARD TO REPLACE.  Under-mount sink is difficult to remove and replace if it is damaged or outdated. Since the cutout for the sink only fits one style you have to commit to your sink selection and replace it to the same exact sink model. 

MORE FABRICATION TO THE COUNTERTOP. Besides a cutout for the sink, you would also need the sink cutout to be polished on the inside edges. Since polishing is involved it creates more work for fabricators, therefore the fabricators usually have an additional charge for under-mount sinks.

LESS CABINET STORAGE. Since under-mount sinks are mounted under the counter, you will lose a little bit of storage space inside your cabinet.

NOT FIT FOR ALL VANATIES. Most under mount sinks are made to fit standard 21’’ deep vanities and only a few undermount sinks are made to fit narrow 18’’ vanities. Your options for 18’’ vanities are pretty limited.

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