8 Reason Why You Should Get a Floating Vanity for Your Bathroom

8 Reason Why You Should Get a Floating Vanity for Your Bathroom

Wall-mounted vanities can really transform your bathroom look and make it more contemporary and functional! Here’s a couple good reasons on why you should consider getting a floating vanity for your bathroom!

1. CONTEMPORARY. Floating vanities are a very popular selection for contemporary style bathrooms because of their minimalistic and clean look. If your looking to upgrade the style of your bathroom to make it more modern and unique then this is great way to go!

2.CREATES A BALANCED LOOK. Floating the vanity rather than having it attached to the floor like everything else is in your bathroom, will make your bathroom appear less cluttered and more proportionate.

3. MAKES YOUR BATHROOM LOOK BIGGER. A lot of floating vanities are 18’’ deep rather than the standard standing vanities that are 21’’ deep. With the narrow 18’’ floating vanities your bathroom will look more minimalistic and therefore appear more spacious. For this very reason, narrow floating vanities are especially great for small space bathrooms!

4. MAKES CLEANING EASIER. Floating the vanity means the flooring extends all the way to the wall without a vanity standing in the way. This makes it easier to clean your floors under the vanity without the discomfort of any corners or nooks in the way.

5. LESS PRONE TO WATER DAMAGE. If there’s any water in your bathroom that often gets onto the floor, perhaps from kids splashing during bath or constant floor cleaning, wall hung vanity eliminates your worries about overtime destroying the bottom of the vanity like it often does with floor standing vanities.

6. ADDITIONAL EXTERIOR STORAGE. Open access underneath the vanity provides some additional exterior storage space where you can hide some of your bathroom belongings like your kids step stool, your scale or some storage baskets.

7. ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT OPTIONS. While standing floor vanities are not able to be adjusted and get raised higher or lower, floating vanities can be easily adjusted at any height that is best fit for your height.

8. CREATES A SMOOTHER TRANSITION BETWEEN FLOOR & VANITY. A standing cabinet can sometimes clash with the floor especially if they don’t match very well together in color, style or texture. Floating the vanity and having that wall space in between to separate the vanity from floor can break up that clash and make the the transition of colors and texture more smoother.

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